Gen 2 Ram problems...any help appreciated

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Hey all!

So, I bought a 94 Ram 1500 SLT with a 318. It was dirt cheap and needed a tranny. When I parked it, it ran fine (only had reverse). Put the new tranny in, and replaced the crank sensor. Truck wouldn't run. So I have since replaced the cap, rotor button, and all the wires, truck still not running well. It seems to start alright, doesn't back fire, just starts, hangs around at 500 RPM for a minute or two, then dies. I've checked the coil for continuity, it checks out, fuel pump and relay are in good working order and there are no breaks in the line anywhere. Also back probed the camshaft position sensor and it's reading well on my multi-meter. I'm out of ideas, and no one else has any idea where to go, so I turned to the forums!

As stated in the title, any advice would be appreciated, I'm a backyard mechanic, but a machinist by trade.

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