Gen 2 Ram problems...any help appreciated

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Hey all!

So, I bought a 94 Ram 1500 SLT with a 318. It was dirt cheap and needed a tranny. When I parked it, it ran fine (only had reverse). Put the new tranny in, and replaced the crank sensor. Truck wouldn't run. So I have since replaced the cap, rotor button, and all the wires, truck still not running well. It seems to start alright, doesn't back fire, just starts, hangs around at 500 RPM for a minute or two, then dies. I've checked the coil for continuity, it checks out, fuel pump and relay are in good working order and there are no breaks in the line anywhere. Also back probed the camshaft position sensor and it's reading well on my multi-meter. I'm out of ideas, and no one else has any idea where to go, so I turned to the forums!

As stated in the title, any advice would be appreciated, I'm a backyard mechanic, but a machinist by trade.

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Gauge the fuel pressure. Having fuel pressure on these is not necessarily having enough fuel pressure, you have the textbook symptoms of a dying fuel pump. 45 psi or better, and rock solid under all driving conditions is mandatory. Put the gauge under the wiper if it's being a good actor, as they tend to die kicking. any glitches will mean pump change. There is no such thing as a fuel filter, (from the factory) so don't bother looking, unless theres been one added. fuel pump = $220, and the same again to have someone else put it in. Hope you have an almost empty tank. Thump the tank and it may work for a little while, but it will likely let you down when you really need it. Good Luck, wonderful weather for dropping the gas tank...PS while they're in their death throes, you may experience backfiring out of both ends, as well, and a good idle, until placed in gear, the ECU does everything it can to adjust, for low fuel pressure, but all it does is adjust timing for lean conditions, leaving you in a really bad mood. mine used to die after going down a hill and starting the climb on the other side, and 500' from stop lights / signs...
+1 agreed. was gunna state the same thing. my dodge idles at about 500 rpm as well but i have no problems with that. still runs great and i get about 17MPG on the highway wit 285/75/16 mud tires
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