Getting my windows tinted Friday

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Going to try a local guy this time. His work looks immaculate.

My rear window and the back windows in my crew cab came with a factory tint but I can't remember what percentage. I want to go a little darker and also match the driver and passenger windows to the rest, and also get a 9-10" eyebrow on the front windshield.

On my last truck I had 5% on all but the front and driver and passenger windows. I couldn't see for shit when backing up at night. I don't want to go that route again but I am a fan of "I can see you but you can't see me." Louisiana law says my driver and passenger windows must be 50% visibility but that's a damn joke I see cars with 5% all around every single day.

I may or may not remove the B pillar tape depending on what the tint looks like, that's in the air for discussion too.

As it is now.
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can't wait for the pics!
I think factory is 17%....seen lots of people go with 20% matches really good...a few have gone with 15% and say it's noticeably darker
im thinking of tinting my front windows on my jeep it makes cars look so much better
Funny side story. When I had my last truck's windows tinted I made a fast food run to Captain D's seafood place. Had a lapse of common sense and before I knew it, I was stuck going in the drive-thru. Well of course I had to open my door to order. It was really windy that day and a gust of wind slammed my door into their wall. That was the very first ding my truck got.
NIMZ I live in Lafayette and hear your pains on the state law, and at 50% you might as well leave stock on front windows, its about the same affect, did that on my company truck dodge also. Now on my personal 09 dodge I went @30% I cant remember exact # and limo on the rest, its a crew cab. It looks way better but there is enough contrast that the cops dont mess with me, from distance it looks legal, samething did on my tahoe
Itll look good man and pull that b pillar tape off!!! itll look like one black stripe around the top of your cab with it. I like the definition of the windows the de tapping gives
here is mine with a 20% job on the fronts...look like they match pretty good to me...


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Tint pictures! 6 in Total

Just got around to snapping them, dropped the truck off Friday morning, picked it up by lunch but had to wait because homedude forgot the eyebrow across the front windshield.
Front driver/passenger door are 40% and the rest is 5% tint.
Going to install a backup camera in the next week or two. I know I said I wasn't doing 5% but he had a 2010 Dodge Ram in the bay and it looked too nice.

Full view.

Outside looking in, not that you can.

Inside looking out, yes!

Side/Rear view.

Open door view.
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the backs look awesome that too old for that now!! haha
My truck brand new, right after tint. Tint is in sig!

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How the in fudge do you ever get an inspection sticker???

P.S. :eek:mg9hi: That looks killer!
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