Getting new headlights

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Hey guys, looking to replace OEM headlights with better look. I have a 2006 Sport Quad all black. Done some researching but getting mixed reviews on a bunch of different kinds. What do you have and could you please show pics?
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Welcome to the forumz. You should pop into the "Newbie" thread and introduce yourself.

Are you looking for something different than the stock lights or just looking for a quality stock replacement?
I don't have any experience with any of those. For a good quality stock appearing headlight I was going to recommend TYC. I replaced the oxidized lights in my 04 with TYC stock lights and I love them.

The biggest issue with aftermarket lights tends to be one of two things. A lot of them these days have some sort of halo or LED DRL built in. These components tend to be the first to fail based on what I have seen. The other issue is that the low to mid grade aftermarket lights often experience leakage or condensation build-up on the inside. I would recommend running a thin coating of clear weatherproof silicone all around the seam where the light housing and lens meet. If you do this properly, even with a set of the cheap Ebay lights, they are pretty much guaranteed not to leak.
I got mine from Jeremy McFail (I believe that's his name) at Retro Shop. He is active on the other Ram forums but I don't think he is here. Not sure why. Regardless, it was a great transaction. The first set he sent came in damaged. Contacted him and he made it right promptly and easily. Here's a link to his site. Looks like the TYC replacements are still about the same that I paid for them around two years ago.

Not sure why but it won't let me post the link here. Just google "retroshop" and it's the first result.

There isn't much to see about my lights. They look exactly like the stockers. They are absolutely crystal clear though.

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Unfortunately the lights on our early 3rd gen trucks aren't extremely adequate even when new. They don't put out the same pattern that the 06-08 lights do. In fact, seems like I read once that the reason for the 06 makeover was that very thing. Not much we can do about that though without going to HIDs or something similar. Even then you might get brighter but you aren't going to get a better pattern without an actual projector retrofit ($$$). Probably worse actually.

My truck has the stock Hella fogs and I run them any time the heads are on. They really supplement and fill in the cutoff of the headlights. I am running stock bulbs and find the heads plus fogs to be plenty sufficient. I would start with the new heads. Yours look pretty well oxidized so it should make a descent difference in both output and appearance. If you still wanted more you could look into installing the factory fog kit.
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