Best tires for a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500

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Getting New Tires

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I am looking to purchase some new tires for my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500.

I was wondering if anyone out there had some recommendations on any good tires that I should get or should I just purchase the stock GOODYEAR HP tires that came on the truck. I had no problems with the Goodyears, and they seemed to wear pretty good(50,000 miles on them now). I am am just curious if there is anything better or what tires you guys like the best.

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I have the 20 inch rims and its alot of highway and around town driving, not much off road. Not much trailer towing either. I am trying to determine if an AT or HP is the best.
Correct with the RI. I will look into some A/T, How is the road noise for the Falkens?
Thanks for the advice. I will look into those.
If oyu need help with anything just let me know.
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