getting ready for a lift!

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just wanted to go over what im thinking of getting and hoping to get feedback from ppl that alrdy have this stuff!

So im thinking of going with the 5 Inch PA lift, just because 4 inchs is not quite enough but i think 6 would be too much! Also going with 35 toyo mt's! And a BMF S.E.R.E 20x12.50 rim, thinking all black but debating between that and death metal! Not sure what would look good on a silver truck! Im one of those guys that actually needs to see it to be able to picture it well enough! Also going with bushwacker fenderflares rockgaurded and then painted silver! Thinking of maybe replacing factory mudflaps but not sure what kind to look at yet!

Thats all im doing to it for now, have alot more mods to add after i finish this!