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well my tranny in my 01 5.9 magnum has decided it doesn't want to go both ways. So in the next week I am going to pick up a used transmission from another ram and tear it apart and overhaul it using viper transmissions. My biggest reason I haven't modified the engine is the weak point being the transmission and my weak point in firearms. But after this overhaul I should be good to moderately modify my 360.

shift kit
aux line cooler
overhaul kit w/ upgraded bands and clutch paks
2400ish lock up stall converter
and set up to have fluid run into converter in park

pacesetter long tubes
edelbrock heads
increase compression to 11 to 1
new piston seals
hearty cams probably from comp cams
stronger valve springs
1.7 rockers
cooler looking valve covers
bosch 4 hole injectors
water/meth injection to prevent pinging and allow 87 octane still.
and of course a custom tune

All of the transmission upgrades will be done by Christmas, if not I don't deserve to own her anymore.
Also i want to know what the 20 inch iron clad rims look on a second gen.
if i do this i will be dropping the truck moderately for increased handling and mpg hopefully.
These are the rims i mentioned, someone has them for sale cheap in my neck of the woods

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Good for you bro! I want to re-build a solid core for my 97, plus some minor up-grades. Most of it is straight-foreward, but you WILL need a special too to remove the "overdrive spring/clutch". I hope I used the right name for that. It's at about 800 lbs/psi.
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