Good bye 2005 ST Hello 2011 SLT !

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Well after all the hard work I put into my 2005 ST it's gone. The bouncy ride, crank windows, no cruise control gone. Got all the money that I had in it back with a trade, that was a feat in itself. In it's place I found a 13,000 mile 2011 Ram SLT 1500 quad cab in beautiful condition! Power everything galore, like my Challengers. Did the upgrade mainly to have a back seat for the dogs, but the ride and comfort level is 100 times better than the ST, what a difference! I was lucky enough to have two dealers who had the exact same slt on their lots, so naturally I went with the lowest mile one but got to play them against each other. I paid $21,900 for it and got it about a grand below retail. Couldn't be happier !


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Congrats on the upgrade!

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