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First the good news.

I'm pretty happy with it I must say. It's a good look and throws off a lot of light.

Trying to figure out what to do with the switch I realized there's a little inset part in the steering column so hey fits perfect.

Now the bad news

see that cow steer behind my truck there?

He's about 1800lbs

I'm backing my way out today and I get to the barn to head around the corner toward the gate and all the sudden that SOB is running at my truck. So I swerved the truck a little bit and clip the damn barn with the tow mirror.

Doesn't seem like much damage but the outside part of the mirror popped off and left a scuff on my mirror. I put the glass piece back in but it seems really loose now.

I don't see anything inside there broken but I'm not sure what's supposed to be in there since I've never thought to look inside a mirror. So I either will need a new assembly or a new piece of glass or if I can figure out how to add power folding mirrors I might just do that.
Any ideas on that little issue? Is there something that would make it seem loose or anybody added power folders?

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I believe that the Ram mirrors are basically the same

this is my right side power/heated mirror
as far as i can tell, there is no reason for the 2 up right metal clips, unless they are part of the electrical ground, but i think not

Enlarging the images gives you more detail

look closely at the 4 clips, the 2 closest to you just slip onto the lower rectangular holes that are part of the motor assembly that you can see in the pix, after you slip them into position, raise the mirror a bit more then 1/2 way & push down on just a bit to make it sit firmly

then raise the mirror so that it almost touches the upper clips so that you can see if it is close to being lined up.

the upper clips are different, they actually do the locking
in this image, they are closest to you,

you may have everything lined up & almost secured
use your thumbs to wiggle & push a bit harder about where the upper clips are located

I have read about other members having a loose mirror & almost all of the time, the glass just had not been pushed in quite enough at the assembly plant


for those that have not had the mirror out
rotate the mirror downwards, i also rotated it outwards as far as the motor would let it go
Then i put on some gloves, my glass was cracked

Then i took my 2 index fingers & gave the top of the glass a couple of quick tentative tugs & the glass unsnapped from the motor, i then let the glass rotate towards my chest, then i saw that the lower clips were like hooks, i just lifted the glass closer toward my chin & it was out, except i still needed to unfasten the 2 wires


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Someone bumped into my mirror in a parking lot and knocked it back. It was really loose so I cycled the power mirror button which popped something back internally and fixed it. I am mentioning this not because of the power mirrors, but because maybe you can move it forward on the break away and then pul it all of the way back. That might reset whatever is internal to it.
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