Goodyear Wrangler Armortrac

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I just bought a set of the Goodyear Wrangler Armortracs from sams club. I needed a change from the Firestone destination LE's that were on my truck when I got it. I read a few good reviews before buying them. Wanted to see what some Ram guys had to say about them. Anybody had them or heard much about them before?
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if these are the armourtracs from walmart all i can say is they are from walmart. i looked at these tires but was swayed away from them by previous customers. i hope they work good for you and maybe they will be fine. best of luck
Well, me myself not to much worried about where i got them from. I used to buy uniroyal liberators for my suzuki sidekick and never got stuck and they were walmart exclusive. Money don't come easy so I buy on a budget and think paying like 230-250 for one tire is ridiculous. I've read reviews on it and seen nothing bad yet. Still reading though. Anybody actually running these on their Ram?
Ok I guess not. So I see what this site is about. To hell with it!
Please don't be dis enchanted because you bumped into some one with a negative attitude.Soe times it takes an hour or so for someone who relates to your intro and have an opinion. Unfortunately, I have no opinion on the tire in question, and certainly not on yours or anyone else's "source." That said, How much did you pay, and what is the load rating? I am in the market for at least 2 tires and would like to go for four at the right price.
Ok. Well the max load is 3415. I payed 194 a tire. I figured that wasn't too bad. I wanted to go with general grabber AT2's which is what I have on my Kia Sorento AWD and Suzuki Sidekick 4x4. They were a few dollars cheaper than the Goodyears but I figured with shipping and all it would end up being about the same as buying tires local. And with these I have a damn good warranty, anything happen to the tires or I need them rotated etc. they do it for free. They are very similar in design as the Goodyear Silent Armors. They are LT265/75 16's..
I'd say you can breathe easy, if Goodyear will put their name on them, i'd say they're good....and Sams Club tire is pretty good for servicing and warranty claims. They have fixed several flat/leaky tires i didn't even buy from them, just a nice service they give their members. I bought a set of Goodyear Duratracs from Sams on an old truck i had, great tires and great service. I sold it a few months after getting them installed though...good luck with them!
You can get Mickey Thompson Baja STZ's for 168 a tire I think online with free shipping. I have been running them for a week and they are amazing! Great aggressive tread but no noise at all!
Just got a set of the same tires at walmart for 129 a tire. Great tires for the money and also real good traction in mud and snow
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