goodyear wrangler hp tires

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ok guys and gals. on my 06 ram 1500 quadcab 4wd. i bought it used had 86,000 miles on her. needed new egr,brakes,rotors,shocks. i replaced all of that and still only had 11,000 in it. had it for about a year know. the previous owner was not good at rotating tires. it had coopers on it and 2 was wore out and the other two was shot. got some life out of them a local tire shop had coopers that matched them and i rolled them until today.

i came across a set of matching tires they was all spares from junkyard. had goodyear wrangler hp tires. im assuming they was stock from dealer since it was spares. but anyhow what kinda of mileage can i expect out of them?

its a junkyard i do alot of business with and they now me pretty good. i know them pretty good. i was needing the steel rims so i could haul off a junked 1999 ram 1500 i bought to part out. but they gave me tires and all for 20 bucks each. i let em down from under bed of trucks.
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well we do get snow but not alot this winter. last winter we did but got around fine in 2wd, some 4wd on the backroads. and they didnt have as much tread as these do. but they do look like they wont disperse the snow very well. but it be ok. i like having fun in snow. i went everywhere in my 99 2wd ram when i had it. threw some sand in bed and went like no other.
i rotate every other oil change which is 6k. i put maybe 15,000 miles a yr on it. i drive my other toys during summer. unless i gotta pull trailer or work out of it. with the 5 i have i can haul some stuff but nuthing heavy. wood floor and lowered.
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