Got a little done to the truck, finally!

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I've been putting off a few simple mods lately and now that they're done, I can't believe I put them off. I even learned a lesson in all of this (read on to the bottom)!

I only got the rear done before the storm clouds started to roll in. Doesn't matter because it's the only thing ppl will be seeing anyway:Racing:



Now, You may be asking "Why no driver side debadge pics?" WELLLLL, On to the lesson I learned:

So, I started on the driver side, had some issues with the double-sided tape the badges are held on by, I got the R off the hard way and it left a lot of adhesive residue 1/2 way through the A I figured it out. The 1 and the last 0 i had my friend help and were just as bad as the R before I figured it out. Long story short, my dad had the bright idea of using a green dish scouring pad to remove the residue. at first I was hesitant but he assured me and I shrugged :4-dontknow: and went to town. It was looking great till I got to the end, cleaned it up and saw what I had done :SHOCKED:the pad f'd my paint HARD it was dull and scratched to hell :doh: good thing it was only the clear. I called a detailer friend (who happened to own the truck before me) and he buffed it out good as new :smileup: at the cost of 20 bucks.

Lesson learned: Trust your gut and DON'T use a scouring pad for dishes on your vehicle:smileup:

All in all 20 bucks is a cheap lesson that will last a lifetime :LOL:
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Glad it all worked out,,,,,
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