Got a new bumper about time.

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I ordered my bumper a month and half ago and just got it. Bumper looks nice company selling customer service sucks sooooo bad.


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I've noticed that a lot lately. Money first, product second...if you get it at all...and then try to contact the company, because they sold it through another company.
I am not speaking the manufacture do to the absolutly horrible service I recieved. If you are dead set to get one shoot me a message and I will tell you. I just want to say I am not recomending this company due to there service.
i think that its just cause most of these companies sell these as a build to order basis so month and a half is a long time after shelling out your hard earned money but i know how you feel... i just waited that long for my new steps and i think those are alot less difficult to build than a bumper....

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wow, I had my bumper special built for me, and took less than a week, and probably cost 1/3 of what you ended up paying. But I also had it built by a local with plans I drew up and he had my spare truck the whole week during the build.
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