Got my wheels...... sorta :(

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Well over 2 weeks ago I ordered a new set of 20's (trying hard not to say what they are until I get them on) today they came in, I ordered them locally from a car customization store. I had ordered 20x9 with 0 offset so they would stick out 3/4" more, perfect! they came in today, even better, get there and they are 20x10 -24, so they will stick out over 2 inches, Fawk me really? apparently the owner for what ever reason decided this offset was better and ordered these or maybe he got a better deal on these, the boxes are pretty beat up... . I bought and installed pocket style flares so them sticking out a bit isnt an issue but I am worried that 1) they are going to look rediculous sticking out that far on a leveled truck. and 2) they are going to rub my fenders. When I originally went in to order them I wanted 20x10 -12 but the owner said they will most likely rub everywhere, so we ordered the 20x9's instead which is what it says on my receipt and I was fine with that.

He said if they rub I can return them and he will order the 20x9's but they arent available for a mont and I leave for Manitoba for work in a month. I cant get them on until monday afternoon because everywhere intown is booked up like crazy wit winter tires coming off... Any one got any input on what tey may look like sticking out that far so rubbing? the woner called the company and spoke to a rep that said running my 33's will be fine and they wont rub...... My day went from awesome to shitty pretty quick, I used to deal with another place in town until they started pulling this shit, fine and dandy when tey are taking your 1700 bucks for wheels but **** you once they have your money........sorry for the rant and language......
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Let him put on one wheel, if you don't like, DON'T accept them, simple. Get your money back.
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