Grab Box ?

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Im gonna throw this out there and see what kind of responses I get, I recently sold just about all my tools ( Chest, jack/stands, get the picture ) anyways I am left with alot of various hand tools. I was thinking of putting together some so called grab boxes which would be whatever fits in a $5 flat rate box and just base a round about fee on the box which would include the $5 shipping charge in the price in general but yet be attractive and affordable. Only one item I have I am selling for $30 + shipping is a mini torque wrench in a hard case, everything else will be more reasonable and I think worthy. I do not know yet how many of these "Grab Boxes" I would have total untill i get them together. But would anyone be interested in a "Grab Box" .... Im thinking Possible $10-$15-$20 Grab boxes depending on the quality/quantity and value of the tools involved but still a good deal.
There are items as nut splitters, chain type exhaust pipe cutter, torque wrench, pliars, metal shears,steering wheel puller, gear puller, some newer some older stuff but all in good shape just lots of odd and ends.
I dont want people to feel they are getting cheated, its a grab bag "chance" type deal...otherwise I will just lay it out at a yard sale. Let me know and maybe we can figure out how to see who gets first dibs on what box. maybe a Q&A type deal and first person correct gets first choice? Put in your info and see what we can come up with and i will start getting these boxes together. If enough responses, then we will go for it, If not there can still be an option to buy stuff or if it fails itll just be a yardsale deal. :smileup::4-dontknow::smiledown::doh::wow::thk:
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Ok, guess it'll all go in the garage sale ( not selling the garage )
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