Grill guard for Express

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Does anybody know of a heavy grill guard that will fit on the Express. Ranchhand and Fronteir do not make one.
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Hey guys

I have a 2011 Sport, and I am convinced they will work. The only reason they "don't fit" is because of the plastic cover where tow hooks go on the SLTs, etc. I installed the tow hooks just fine in the front of my Sport, which means that the brackets/holes would line up with a grille guard. I will eventually get one, if my job ever leaves me home long enough to order and install one...

Although this may be true, you would only be able to install one with bottom brackets only due to the fact yall don't have the metal bumper with upper mounts. Any kind of heavy duty bumper requires at least 4 mounting points. On the express & sports there are only the 2 bottom points.
Installing a brush guard using only bottom mounting points is pointless. Yes it will help with minor stuff, but if you hit, let's say a deer, it's destroyed. The brush guard will most likely bend up and could cause significant damage to the grille, hood, radiator supports, and other things
I am in no way trying to discourage anyone from getting one though. Im just saying that if there is a way to fab up some upper brackets and bolt them to the frame and drill holes trough the plastic, it would be highly recommended :smileup:

Or you could just buy the metal bumper and all the other necessary items and replace your colormatched with chrome. Paint them or not
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