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My worry is that people can potentially create a ground loop in the throttle system if they 'ground' to the wrong thing, such as one of the alternator bolts, and if you thought the 'toyota/energizer bunny merger' caused issues, then I'd be worried about what this could do to our throttle signal.

We get so many posts of things we KNOW are bad for our vehicles: chips, electric intake fans (had one today), TB spacers; and everybody jumps in and waves them away becuase they don't do anything. Why should this be any different? People will do it regardless, just like TB spacers, but if there are both sides to the story, then they have the right to make an informed decision, which is why I make my posts. If there are enough well respected people on this forum (this includes you RamTex, you are respected here) who say "hmmm, this is interesting" but don't do the mod, then new people see that and take it on faith that it's worth doing.

I'm glad that RT and I can have a disagreement about this, it's healthy, and there's been no resorting to personal attacks, even if he does smell like 5 day old lobster left in the sun.
Jesus, you sure can talk the talk.
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