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I was having major issues with my throttle response('04 Hemi)...not really major, just majorly annoying. At low speeds it'd be easy to have the rpms "jump" up and down like it didn't know what it wanted to do. This would mainly be at low speeds, like driving through a parking lot or something, where you'd barely have your foot on the gas. But, it could also be noticed at higher speeds, it's just masked a little for whatever reason.

I also noticed that when I'd let off the gas, my RPM's would drop way low(600-800), and then bounce back up to where it should be if you were coasting in that gear. The response of the throttle was also off. It was missing that initial response when you first hit the gas, so you had to be very cautious at launch so that you don't make it jump at first.

All in all, I had been dealing with this stuff for about 4 years...just never bothered to get it check out because I had kinda lived to deal with it. But, I did a simple google search and came across people recommending to ground the TB, so I figured I'd give it a try(I'm an audio guy, I have a ton of wire and goodies sitting around). I spent all of 10-15min doing the extra ground, and....


This works, plain and simple. If you have an '04 Hemi like me and are experiencing the same issues, DO THIS SIMPLE MOD. It is literally a night and day difference. I don't have to think about how I'm pressing on the gas to avoid my old issues, I don't have to worry about looking stupid with my truck's erratic coasting at low speeds. It has all been fixed thanks to a simple 2-3ft long 12ga wire.
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