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Well my Cherrybomb Vortex lasted 4 years before I lost a baffle inside the muffler. I unfortunately didn't get my first choice of a new muffler but ended up with a Flowmaster Super 40. They only had a couple of mufflers in stock and I didn't want a suitcase. Also didn't want to drive around with a broken baffle...

I am stock with just a muffler swap.

Cherrybomb Vortex ($50) vs Flowmaster Super 40 ($100)

Vortex was louder at 3k+ rpms
Flowmaster is louder under 2k rpms
Vortex droned at 55 to 60mph under light load
Flowmaster drones higher 70-75 under light load
Vortex had more top end power (I drive up a 8% grade every day)
Flowmaster gave me back some bottom end, tires break loose better. Doesn't have the flow up top...

So far the Vortex has averaged .5mpg better but I have only had the Flowmaster for 4 tanks of gas.

I was very happy with the Cherrybomb Vortex, was hopping the Flowmaster was going to be louder. I will be replacing the Flowmaster at some point but I have to get my money worth out of it. Flowmaster did kill top end power, can't hold fourth gear on my way home anymore...
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