Had some issues ...

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I'm a first time Dodge Ram Owner .. I have had some issue .. that were more frustrating than damaging... It started out as a engine codes ,, then another one .. the truck was never ending going into the shop .. One code was a transmission code .. at that point ,, the Dodge dealer had pretty much had it as I did ... they scanned ,, did a DC on the truck and found " nothing Wrong " ... What they did find was a "whole bunch " of un-canceled codes stored in the history of the onboard computor . They cleared all
these stored codes ,,, I haven't had a problem since ... They called it a " Hick-up " or something ...

I also had a vibration in the truck ... I couldn't figure out where it was coming from .. It felt like it was in the seat ,, but alittle bit in the steering wheel .. I took it in and the Teckie and I did a road trip .... The teckie said .. it's not a wheel .. cuz ... the vibration is faster than the wheels are turning .. and it starts about 50 klm and goes alittle rougher at 100 klm..
They did a DC and found a universal joint worn .. so the changed that.. but there was a vibration .. bit alittle different ,, I had the tires and wheels checked for balance ,,, the backs were .014 and the fronts were .008 in balance ... I'm agreeing with teckie at the dealer ,, it's a drive shaft balance ...

Any feedback before I pull that driveshaft off and check it ... :4-dontknow:
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yea it could be the drive shaft. a friend of mine had his front drive shaft replaced once and rebuilt once this year. he isnt hard on stuff and he only has the 4.7 but sometimes you just get that "one" issue that never seems to go away.
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