Half ton towing

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Hello all. New to towing with a half ton. Used to just throwing anything on my 2500 and going. Been reading alot and would like to know anybody's experiances towing a car hauler with a total weight of about 6000 pounds. Not sure if I'm gonna go the airbag route or weight distributor. Thanks.
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Weight distribution hitch is a given IMO.

Air bags are a very nice accessory which I always install, considering how inexpensive and easy to install they are.

Regardless, 6K should be no problem at all
My travel trailer has a gvwr of 7000lbs and my truck pulls it fine.
6000 won't be to bad. I pulled, and please don't hurt me, 7200 pounds and the only real issue I had was squatting thanks to the coil spring rear and no WD hitch. With that said a WD hitch is all you need unless you tow A LOT. Then I would recommend a setup like Total Load Controls system along with a WD hitch.
I have a Blue Ox WD hitch on the way with 1400 pound bars. hopefully that will do the trick. Towing a '69 Charger.
Make sure you post pictures reproducing the Hemi commercial with the Charger on the trailer. "Yeah, it's a Hemi.... Oh, you meant the car"
Have you checked out TotalLoadControl™ air suspension


Have you checked out TotalLoadControl™ air suspension?

We introduced TLC™ on the Z last year and have many happy customers.

Simply put - TLC uses the largest air springs ever used on a 1/2-ton truck and bigger is definitely better ;). TLC will keep your truck level no matter what you haul or tow (of course, never exceed the GVWR). TLC is a patented air suspension represents a major advance in truck suspension.

And the TLC does not interfere with the smooth factory ride - in fact, TLC improves steering, handling and braking when hauling or towing heavy loads. We think your truck with TLC will perform better than what RAM has announced as their optional air suspension in 2013 - and you can have it on your truck now.

TLC is a bolt-on kit that can be ordered with an air compressor to easily inflate or deflate.

If you have any questions, please check us out on the Z vendor forum or on our website or shoot me a PM.

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The total load control bags are out of my price range for now. I had forgotten about that commercial! A 440 4bbl will have to do!
I just put airbags on to get rid of the squat on my 1500 while pulling my 7k travel trailer and man what a difference, everything feels nice and smooth, the only thing I feel now is vibration on first acceleration (kinda like hitting those wakeup bumps (small ones) on the side of the road(?)), I just hope that is not my Tranny, only got 85K on my truck. It just started right after I put the airbags in so I am hoping that is what it is from....
Here is my setup with just Airlift 1000 bags. Hardly any squat. A WD hitch is in my future eventually just because when I'm fully loaded I got a hitch weight of around 900lbs. But for now it's not bad.
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I tow a 30' camper, and have done so with several vehicles. My recommendation would be a WD hitch. The tow vehicle prior to the Ram was an 04 Durango and we never had any problems.
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I tow a 30' camper, and have done so with several vehicles. My recommendation would be a WD hitch. The tow vehicle prior to the Ram was an 04 Durango and we never had any problems.
I have towed a lot of different types of trailers, and the best I have found for TT hitches is that one right there! I currently have a new Fun Finder X-215-wsk 24 footer, 6040lbs if fully loaded, when big rigs pass, or being passed, you get no sway.
Pulled a 6000 pound with out a weight distributor hitch and it pulled it fine, sagged a little. I would recommend the weight distributor hitch for sure. Never used airbags before so I am no help with that part.
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