Happy Birthday to me!

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Wifey has an appointment at Tacoma Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Ram for today...

for 3.92's/LSD install!:SHOCKED::smileup::smileup::smileup: Coming from the 3:55 it will be a much welcome change. Apparently she got sticker shock when she enquired. Intially the dealer thought it was a 2-wheel-drive, so they quoted her less than $1,000. When she explained that it was a 4x4, the price jumped substantially.:LOL:

This will allow me to spank Sean in the upcoming race that will ensue this August...4.7 vs. 4.7...

Sean's truck----->:box:<------My truck

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why not go 4.10 ? what lsd are you putting in? happy birthday.
didn't know we couldn' t get 4.10 for 4wd through mopar.
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