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OnStar has recently started marketing a universal retro fit kit so other brands could enjoy their product. :smiledown:

Be a GM loyalist, or trader since I now own a Ram :smileup:, I've never continued OnStar's subscription as I just didn't feel it was worth what they were charging for month rates. Sirius/ XM charges less, and I use that subscription every single day in the car, at work, at home...etc. Talk about the perfect cash cow for OnStar. Pay out the a$$ monthly and never use the service. The one time I did, was after my kids were born and it was on the wife's Traverse for her and the kids.

However, the one time I wanted to use OnStar, I locked my keys in my truck at Lowes Home Improvement. Was on the phone, shut the truck off, and then later got out the truck hitting the lock button while yapping on the phone. After I did it, I just shook my head like you dumb a$$. Called OnStar as it was active on the wife's Traverse. Gave them my name, and security information but because the Tahoe and Corvette subscriptions were lapsed, she wouldn't allow me to renew. I said...go ahead and put in on my account, bill me...whatever...just unlock the doors. The customer service person advised me it was not their policy to do this, but had to be activated inside the vehicle. I said...what good is that gonna do me? :SHOCKED: I took the time to register the Corvette, and the Tahoe...all my information is in your trusty little database. She pointed to company policy in which that's not the way it works.

Upset at both myself, and the OnStar I polite told this woman why OnStar was worthless. Even if they charged me a connect fee in this instance having me over the barrel, it was still better than admitting to my wife what I had done, and watching her and the kids show up at Lowe's with my spare set.

While waiting for my wife to arrive with the keys, I called back OnStar and canceled my subscription out of spite. The next lady asked me why? I said I just locked my key in my truck that lapse on my subscription (my fault I know), but your company did nothing to help me despite willing to pay. After multiple excuses and policy / memo quotations, I politely told her to stop talking, and hit the DELETE button on my account. :doh:
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