HBS 2.5" Leveling Kit

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HERE is what I am talking about. Was wondering if anyone had used them and had any good/bad feedback/reviews on them. Bilstein 5100's are on backorder for quite a while so I was looking for some alternatives.

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Nice, thank you guys. I bought the 2.5" one that I linked, but now you guys are saying get the 2" lol. I have seen people say both 2" and 2.5" have leveled their truck so I am wondering if I should just buy a 2" set also and see which one is more level to me.

edit: Was looking on HBS' website at their pictures of both the 2" and 2.5" and the 2.5" looks more level with me, so going with that one. If I end up not liking it I will just buy the 2" and sell the 2.5" set. :p
Have any of you guys used 4wd enough to know whether or not you get any drivetrain vibration? Did you all get an alignment after the install?

It would be smart to get an alignment afterwards, I plan to as soon as I get 'em on.
I installed the HBS 2.5" kit and have had no problems with it thus far, it still has about an inch of rake with the kit installed. After install I would definately recommend getting an alignment done for your tires sake! :) I have a few pictures posted about halfway through the thread below, of before and after the HBS install.

Nice! Thank you much sir! Quick question, those look like the stock wheels, what size are they? I was guessing 17" but just wanted to verify. Planning to go with a 33" tire after the kit is on.
Those looks like the stock 20" wheels, same as my truck has.
Ah, okay. Thanks! :smileup:
I am still pretty cautious of front suspension travel due to this may be right or it may be wrong be the judge. read it for the fun of it and see what you think about it.
Found some 5100s for sale, anyone bought anything from shockwarehouse? Found some there, and tirerack - and only ever heard of tirerack out of the 2.
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