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I have a '16 Big Horn with the non projector headlights, clear lens, and chrome bezel. I am looking to replace the headlight assemblies to the one that has the black bezel like the Express and Big Horn Black packages have. I looked at a couple of these trucks on the dealer's lot and it appears they have the black bezel with a clear lens, unless it is a very mild tint tint to the lens. Last week I thought I saw an option for a black bezel with a clear lens.
On your site I see the following part #'s: 68270497AD, 68270496AD

What is the difference between these 2 assemblies? Also, the left and right assemblies appear to have the same part #. There is a $3 price difference between the 2 part #'s.
Am I on the right track with these part #'s? If not give me the correct #'s so I can order them. These are the last 2 things I need to complete my blackout.
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