Headlight dilemma

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I'm in need of help from the electrical experts and knowledgeable members. This will be somewhat of a long story as I will try and explain as best I can so as to make my problem clear.
For starters I have a 2010 Ram and I decided to upgrade the headlights to an aftermarket set with halos and LEDs. I had done this before to my 2008 Ram and it was not overly difficult. I put the lights in yesterday without too many problems. I wired the halos and LEDs to the power supply off the blinkers so that they would be on all the time when the truck was running (I have DRL) and as for the headlights they are just plug and play. Once they were hooked up the passenger side worked as advertised but the drive side headlights would not come on. Checked bulbs, all the standard stuff but no joy.
Today I got back to it and discovered that the problem lied in a bad ground wire in the headlight hookup ( don't think I had the issue before) so I spliced the ground to another ground and all the lights would come on when I turned on the light switch. Problem solved ...right...NO!!
As a result of cutting the ground wire out of the switch and replacing it I seem to somehow shut off the DRL, I'm confused, I now have to turn the lights on or else all I get is the low beam bulb coming on, No halos or LEDs anymore. So I decided to put it back to the way it was and reconnect the the bad ground on the drivers side because at least before doing so I had the lights working properly except for the headlights. My plan was to go to the dealer and see what can be done about the bad ground.
Despite putting it back to the way it was it appears that I have done something to turn off the DRL.
FINALLY my question. Is it possible that I somehow turned off the DRL and will require a flash to get them back and any suggestions on a work around the bad ground wire?
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So I have been mulling the problem over today and I think I may have figured out the issue with the DRL. I read in the manual today that if the parking brake is engaged the DRL will be DE-activated. Well when I read that I remembered that I had engaged the parking, brake as my driveway is on a slope, so that I could check the lights.
Problem now is that I believe the truck is still getting an indication that the brake may be engaged even though the light for the brake is not on. I will go out and play around with it and see what I can do.
Now I just need a work around the headlight ground before I have to go to the stealer on Monday to get my lights back.
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