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Hey guys,
Just wanted to get some feedback, I'm looking into switching out my headlights and there's a few different styles out there but one that has caught my eye the most is the color match painted headlights. I'll post up a picture below, I really like the way they look I'm just thinking it might be a bit to much blue on my truck as my "theme" seems to have turned into blue and chrome. I'm thinking it might make the grill stick out a bit to much if the lights next to it are painted Blue. I've considered also leaving the front edges chrome as well as the blinker area like the high & low beams are as you can see where he painted it, just to help offset all the blue. Any input is helpful, I appreciate it!! :smileup:


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I think your truck looks great. It has a good amount of contrast. The lamps match the grill, wheels, bumpers and door handles. I think if you had the amber corners taken out it would be really sweet. I know lots of folks on here like color matched headlights but in my opinion that would be too much blue.
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