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Hey guys....joined up to help out my sister. She just bought an '04 Ram, 2WD, short bed with the 3.7L V6. I spent all day yesterday cleaning it up and fixing/replacing several things for her...oil, wipers, filters, brakes, etc.

She lives out of town and left my place after dark. On her way home she called me to ask if the headlight switch on the lower left of the dash should be lit? I said, "I would think so, but I wasn't for sure".

I obviously do not have access to the truck or the manual right now but I'm heading her way in the morning to visit some other family. If it's supposed to be back-lit I'd like to buy the bulb before I head out and fix it for her when I get there.

I poked around a bit before registering and wasn't able to find what I'm looking for. So my question is simple. Is that switch back-lit and what bulb does it take?

Thanks fellas.
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