Heat/AC vent question

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I have A 2012 Ram 1500 crew cab . My question is my vents on the dash dont seem to blow as powerful as my journey they work but dont seem to have the same amount of force. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Also in the back behind my seat there are 2 vents in the middle and i cant seem to get much airflow through either,the floor vents under the seats work fine. Any help would be appreciated thanks
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On the chilly days, i remote start my Ram & let it run while i put on my shoes
Then i open my door, turn the key, & crack a window open about 1/2", the blower seems to work a lot better when a window is partially open, after driving about 4 blocks, i close the window & it heats up quickly

I also preset my heater settings before i shut my Ram off for the day
I used to just have it set on AUTO, but i noticed the the A/C would be on more often than not, when it was 40 F out doors

I don't use my rear vents, nothing is back there besides extra clothes, map books, & tools
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