Help! Breaks!!!

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Our 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 is actually my husbands. About 2 weeks ago he barley made it home with the front breaks locked up and smoking.
We replaced the master cylinder in November. After the breaks locked up we changed the rotors, calipers and pads. Still we didn't get a full pedal or a quick stop but it worked enough. Later the next week the breaks locked up on me on my way to work. We tried bleeding them to see if maybe there was air in the lines, the breaks refuse to bleed. We took it to a tire service shop, they were confused, kept the truck 3 hours and still didnt know what was wrong.
Everyone we ask says something different: a box, the ABS, collapsed break lines...

We call this truck "the mistress" because it's my husband's baby (i love it and love to drive it just as much as he does). My stupid honda civic has been broken for 2 years so i have had the pleasure of driving the mistress since my husband is a stay at home dad. I miss this truck. Right now I am having to borrow my boss' old Ford... HOW CAN YOU GO FROM DRIVING A HOT DODGE RAM TO A FORD F-150!? I had to totally re-learn to drive!!!! Anyway! I need all the help I can get with this. Has anyone else had this problem with their breaks? The truck is right at 90,000 miles... it's in amazing condition. I miss it so much! Help!
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When trying to bleed them are you trying it on all bleeder valves? Pop the lid on the brake fluid reservoir and loosen all bleeder valves then pump the brake it's gonna be messy but if all bleed besides one then you know it's that line. Then tighten the bleeder ones and completely remove the bleeder valve on the faulty one sounds crazy but you can also heat up new brake fluid in the microwave and pour it in while it's nice and warm, the heat should help relax the lines and push any blockings through. We used to do this to our farm truck due to mud and dust making its way in (somehow?)
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