Help eletrical

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ok here it goes i have a 2008 dodge ram 5.7 hemi bighorn i was driving stop for somthing to eat turned the truck off came back truck wouldnt start battier was done didnt know that at the time so i got a jump well somthing went wrong i think the thermals got crossed at first and the guy didnt say anything well my battier is so dead it wont even crank the engine with a jump i get a new battier put it in it starts right up ok one problem down so i open the door no dome lights no gage lights and the heater knob lights dont work either and the dome light for the truck bed the brake light works just not the dome light for it ok so i check the fuse replaced it no problem ok two weeks later the fuse blows but this time as soon as i put it in it blows hmmm so i put a bigger fuse in doesnt blow but i know better because it is trying to blow so i left the fuse out. that is all the info i have for now if you have questions or suggestions let me know im willing to do anything but take it to the dealer and pay them a arm and leg