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2012 Ram 1500 Sport ——my 1st Ram
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I bought this truck a year ago and after a divorce and selling the “dream house” have been using my new free time to get this closer in value and performance to what I paid for it (bought it when vehicles were stupid expensive so I didn’t have to ask ex for anything). So I found these wires shortly after purchasing. I have tried to Trace but they go into a wire loom under/side of fuse box. Here are the pics I have. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Gas Electrical wiring Cable Wire Auto part

Bumper Automotive exterior Cable Gas Wire

Automotive tire Tread Motor vehicle Gas Automotive exterior

Motor vehicle Light Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive exterior

Hand Automotive tire Gesture Finger Wrist

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design

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Finger Thumb Automotive tire Wrist Nail

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Headgear Automotive exterior
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