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I just sold my '01 2500 with a cummins. Really hated to, but kids outgrew the back seat. Might be considering a Ram 1500 with a Hemi, 2004-2008 probably in my price range. Do the quad cabs in those years have any more room than mine did? Should I just go with a mega? What about the Hemi? I know they have the power to pull my trailer, but what about the mileage when I am not pulling my trailer? I don't want to go diesel again as fuel is just getting too expensive. Does the Hemi have any weaknesses or problems that tend to be common among them? I have also heard the front suspensions on the newer Dodges don't last either. Any truth to this? I was actually considering going with a Ford this time, but too many bad reports about the 5.4 have leaned me back towards another MOPAR. Any help is appreciated.
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I owned a 98 Quad Cab and now own a 2004 Quad Cab. The back seat is a little bigger, but not much, its just a lot easier to get in and out with the seperate back doors that open the normal way.

At one time, I owned a 2007 Quad Cab with a hemi. It got about 12 mpg around town, my current Cummins gets about 14 to 15 mpg. Out on the highway, they get about the same, around 17 mpg. In my area, gas has gone up in price, and depending on the grade, costs more than diesel. Its tough to predict what prices will do. The big draw back to the diesel is intial cost in my opinion.

I'm sure you can find problems that happen with Hemis, but my experience is problems are rare. I've owned a 2005 300c, a 2007 Ram, and currently own a 2010 Challenger, a 2011 300C. All have or had the hemi, and never an engine problem.
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