DODGE RAM FORUM banner truck need service?

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I am new dodge ram owner. I have had it for 3 weeks now.. I must say I love it..I did buy it used with 24 k on it. It is a 2011 5.7 crew cab. Not sure which rear end... It came with a after market exhaust which is the only mod. I have noticed I am displeased with the way it shift around town. It is in gear and out sometimes it feels like it is struggling.. I have been using the tow haul and it is a little better..I don't have any of the sound issues.. Sometimes when I drive around a corner it lugs like it doesn't want to go..then I step on hit slams down a gear goes... I have heard good and bad about flashes...and the torque converter.. I want to bring it in but can't be with out a vehicle for a long would like everyone's personal opinion? Bring it in? Or am I just a MDS victim?
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i would bring it in. why have a new truck that you are not completely satisfied with.
Take it in... its still under warranty so i would bring it in. I thought the flash issue was with the smaller issue. I havent been on here long obviously but does the 5.7 have the same issue?
Update! Got it back today. They said could not replicate my complaint...but they found a PCM update for shifting. They updated I picked it up only drove home but was completely satisfied... Shifts more consistent..:smileup:
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