Help please water leaking inside

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I just bought a 2007 Ram 1500 Big Horn yesterday at a dealership and today I was driving it for an hr and went I turned a lot of water spilled outta the vents on the floor both driver side and passenger side , I don't know what part it is but the black thing under passenger side dash looks wet on the outside and dripping water , very mad to say the least just paid a lot of money for this truck and I didn't purchase a warranty what is the part called and what's going on please help thanks in advance it does leak when I don't turn had ac on full blast all day
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It could possibly be condensation from running the a/c collecting inside the heater box and the drain tube that is supposed to evacuate the moisture is plugged. Even without warranty the dealer should fix this for you unless you bought the truck as/is. There is usually 30 day warranty on used car sales.
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