Help Plz With Hids

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What's up guys I got a hold of some hids from a buddy of mine that never put'em in his truck, he said he needed more shit to make them work & didn't wanna fool wit it so he sold'em to me for $50, got a pair of H1s,H10s & there from hidextra an never been open, he had some specd aftermarket headlights & said they would fit my spyders but I needed some capasitors & relays for the H1s to work & fogs should work just plug & play, so I hooked up the H10s in fogs earlier they worked fine when key was on the on position but then cranked truck & they were flickering & went off, so can someone plz tell me what all I need to make both sets work properly, looks like it's just bulbs, cords,& ballest that came in box, I have a 2014 ram 2500, this is the 1st time i've ever messed with hids, thanks
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I have CanBus ballast hid's on my peojectors but just some $15 ddm error cancelers on my fogs and has a set on my 09 low beams. They worked great and are cheap. Plug it in between and done.
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