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Driver's side controls: Power windows work, door lock does not (neither lock nor unlock).
Passenger side controls: Power window does not work at all, power lock unlocks only (does not lock).
Remote (the good one): will unlock doors, but not lock.
Under dash module/control/actuator? It makes a sound when using the remote to attempt to lock - but nada, nothing happens.

I just bought a 95 Dodge Ram. It came with some minor problems - primarily the door controls... The lock button on the driver's side doesn't work at all. The passenger side door lock will unlock but not lock (that took a little work). The passenger window control/switch does not work either - at all. The remote also will not lock the doors - but will unlock. The previous owner installed a BOSS amp and subwoofer, not sure if that may be a problem - drawing too much power?

Appreciate any advice!
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