HELP! Unable to Calibrate FCW/ACC After Adding 6" Suspension Lift on 37's...

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I need help Ram Family..

Nearly 6months after my 6" Suspension Lift was added on 37s with Factory Rims, I have all of a sudden 6 months later begun seeing Dashboard Check Lights for the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and the FCW (Forward Collision Warning). Prior to last week's highway adventure (standard driving), the FWC and ACC were working just fine WITH the 6" lift installed.

After bringing to dealership to service the ACC/FWC Warning Lights, I was advised of the below (also see picture below for dealer statement)
"After completion of update ACC lost configuration. During reconfiguration found that vehicle will not calibrate due to ride height. Max allowable ride height is 1100mm. Truck currently sitting at 1168mm."
...Mind you, a 68mm difference is 2" roughly.

I was advised that there is essentially no way to override this warning light, where in layman's terms, the Truck is sitting too high in the front for the Collision Avoidance to work... (insert sad face)

Again, this is odd to me because for nearly 6 months the Truck presented ZERO issues with the new lift, and I can confirm the ACC and FCW worked completely normal after the 6" lift until last week...

Does anyone have a work around for this?
I was thinking if I could program the computer to think its sitting at 1100mm than it should begin working again, even though its actually sitting at 1168mm. However, the dealer could not confirm.

Currently the truck is sitting on, (see below for Image)
  • 6" Rough Country Suspension Lift
  • Vertex Front/Rear shocks
  • 22" Factory Ram Rims
  • 1/2" Spacer on all 4 wheels
  • 37" Firestone Mud Terrains

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