Help w Custom Badges

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I am looking to have some custom grill/tailgate sheild badges made for my truck.

I have some badges currently in the works at and thought I would go with them for these as well.

Well, after talking to them about having some mopar "M" badges made similar to the ones JBordin got from them, they reply that they can no longer produce anything that has that trademarked logo on it due to legal issues.

Kinda sucks but oh well, So I did my own custom design with 345 HEMI on it to match my custom door badges.

Now they are saying they can't even use the word "HEMI".... :LOL:

So, I need to find someone else to produce these for me.

Has anyone tried any other emblem shops? I found a Shield shaped mopar "M" badge on ebay that is obivously the wrong shape, so I am kinda nervous about what else might be out there.
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try nathan karow

[email protected]

he's sending me some badges he made up for me.
google rebadge to see some of his work
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