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Hello All,
First post on the forum and looking for some much needed guidance.
Have a red 2003 quad cab with the 4.7l. Want to lift it a bit and here is the proposed set up.
1) 4.5" maxtrac lift spindles / rear blocks as needed to level(1" - 11/2")
2) Bilstein 4600 shocks
3) 20x9 rims, "0" offset

My questions are:
1) what size tires would be a good fit 305/55 or 35x12.5?
2) how far outboard will the front tires sit from stock? I estimate 2.5" on each side
3) to keep the rear track (roughly) in sync with the increase in front width should I add a spacer or use rims with a different offset (-18)

Even though it 2wd I'm trying to get a look similar to the attached photo.
Image from

Any help appreciated. Thanks.


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my apologies if im breaking any rules or coming off too harsh but it seems a little silly to me to dump so much money into offroading equipment for a 2wd truck. why dont you trade truck for 4x4? I would rather have a 4x4 leveled with decent tires than a jacked up beast of a 2wd.
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