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I have a 01 Ram 1500 Sport 5.2L quad cab. I purchased these back in feb from Jegs and just received them on Thursday. Got them installed on Saturday.

Before installing I referenced among other things:
Installation Guide

I got them put in and hooked up as best I can. I'm on the verge of just taking it to a shop. My issues, that I will try to make sense of but might turn into babble so I apologize for this ahead of time:

This assembly only has one plug in connector but on my truck I have 2, one for the low beams and one for the high. I connected the LEDs to the low. I found that if I ground the LEDs to the frame instead of the wire they come on, but they stay on, even when the truck is off. Of course you are supposed to connect the ground to the ground (black) wire but I dont have one. for the low beam connector there is a red/orange, violet/red, and violet/white. On the high beam connector there are pink/red and green/black wires. I connected the ground to the violet/white.

after installing this is the result

also my fog lights dont come on anymore. I am wondering if this could be an issue with the ground wire. with the old stock headlights both the high and low beams would come on but just dim like these and no matter if the high/low were on the high beam indicator shows on the dash. I've been trying to look at info but everything I find doesnt match the wiring I have. I'm thinking maybe it was modified before to add the different high/low connectors?

I also looked at this post http://***************/forum/2nd-gen-ram-tech/275660-diy-upgrading-to-sport-dual-bulb-headlights.html

I did confirm with Spyder Auto that these were compatible with the sport model, as I've seen others that say they were but after asking were told they weren't.

Wondering if this can be fixed or if I'm better off taking it to a shop. Any help appreciated.
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