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I have 2011 mega cab diesel Laramie with aftermarket kenwood dnx9140 and viper alarm. I can not inst the minimax for the life of me. H s has sent me three new tuners and did not fix prob. I sent them my PCM and they were able to inst and everything worked great. Untill I tried to put back to stock to take in to dealer. Every time I try to instal or un instal the tuner hangs up at 10% and locks the computer up. I have towed my truck 3 times to dealership. Luckily I have friends at the dodge shop. I think it has something to do with aftermarket audio or alarm. Any help?
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I think this has everything to do with the 'encrypted' PCM. Since the beginning of 2011, this has been a source of contention with people wanting to install a tune. :4-dontknow:
There are no tuners for the 2011-12 Ram 1500's. So whatever special tune you got installed is just probably going to ruin something. If I were you, I would have waited for a commercial tuner to come out.
No offense guys, but he has a 2011 2500 Diesel if you read close enough. Not sure about the encrypted PCM on the 2500's and up. I have read where the diesel engines were very much able to take on a programmer, actually the 2500 hemi's are able to as well, just not the 1500's. So possibly it's either a bad PCM or in fact the aftermarket iems your talking about it interferring somehow?? Curious to know what you end up doing...
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