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heres my problem, i need some help, running out of ideas... i have a 95 2500 v10, 4x4. and it wont start, she'll turn over, but no fuel... :sad: it keeps throwing different codes, it started with the IAC and then the TPS i replaced both, cleaned the throttle body, new filter (god willining i wont have to take that off again). still nothing. it threw a code 12, changed the battery, cleared the pcm and still nothing. my thought is that it is the pcm itself, or less likely, fuel pump. am i wrong here or am i just fighting an uphill battle on the wrong hill? any ideas?:4-dontknow:
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Dose check engine light come on with key? Have you looked at crank sensor? Spark from coil pack? Is there power to coil pack? Fuel pressure good? Fuel pump even primeing? Those are a thought.
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