Hemi idle

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My 08 hemi ram just started to get a slight drop of the idle,while in traffic..I don't have an issue otherwise,just while sitting in traffic I'd dips ,sometimes almost stalling sometimes not as bad..the truck hasn't stalled yet the ecu catches it a ten mile drive home from work it will do it say 4-5 times..
Any help is appreciated,I just cleaned the volant filter,n plugs were done say 2 yrs ago.ill done them again if need beaut I'm sure there other maintence I need to do at 85 k..
Truck has a tuner,diablo cat back and a cai only
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Could be several different things but I would clean the throttle body first if it hasn't been done recently. If it's never been done, it definitely needs it. They get pretty nasty on these trucks pretty quick. You can also clean your idle air control valve and throttle position sensor while you have the TB off. Just be careful with the sensors as they are easy to damage. If you do a little searching you will find gobs of info, pics, and probably vids on removal and cleaning of these pieces.

Good luck and hope this helps!
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