Hey! Anyone used these Bulbs?

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(a) Sylvania (9007) XV XtraVision Halogen Headlight Bulb ($16 for two)
(b) Sylvania (9007) SU SilverStar Ultra Halogen Headlight Bulb ($30 for two)
(c) Philips (9007) VisionPlus Headlight Bulb ($18-19 for two)

Has anyone used them? They worth the dime?

My stock bulbs are way too dim, but I myself do not know if it's because of age/brand or whatever because I didn't put them in. All I know is I need better light.
I've been running my brights all the time and I've never been flashed or honked at for it (which is a regular occurrence around here if someone's headlights are 'too' bright). I'd like having a whiter light without breaking the bank, but I also really don't like the longevity advertised for the Silverstars...

Should I bother with the 'specialty' bulbs like above or just go with something stock-ish?
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Not sure that I can afford an HID kit at this point... Not to mention, isn't rewiring needed?
Or am I crazy?
My lenses are clean, I've restored them and keep them maintained. I'm simply looking at replacing what are probably old bulbs with newer, maybe brighter than stock.
I've used the (b) option. Better then stock on the Dakota, but not a crazy difference.
Worth the $? Sure, it was a improvement adding to the ditch and on high beam output. However I agree that if your looking for a +30% you need to consider other options.

Furthermore, if your not getting checked on high-beam; adjust the assemblies up. I think half your issue or more is in the headlight adjustments.
Thanks for the info! My headlights might need a little bit of adjusting but they're not that bad. They've definitely been getting dimmer lately though.

I ran the Xtra vision bulbs.

I don't know about life expectancy because honestly if the OEM can last roughly 5 years+ then the one step above them should be 3-5 years right?

Also I don't know if you have factory fog lights but you should get them. If your truck is at least an SLT you are pre-wire for them. Fog lights REALLY help.
Very true, thank you Arth.
OE fogs are definitely on the list, somewhere down the line!

I've used the Philips and the Xtra vision and of the two I prefered the Xtra vision. Didn't really a difference at all with the Phillips actually.
Thanks for the info! :smileup:
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