Hey! Anyone used these Bulbs?

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(a) Sylvania (9007) XV XtraVision Halogen Headlight Bulb ($16 for two)
(b) Sylvania (9007) SU SilverStar Ultra Halogen Headlight Bulb ($30 for two)
(c) Philips (9007) VisionPlus Headlight Bulb ($18-19 for two)

Has anyone used them? They worth the dime?

My stock bulbs are way too dim, but I myself do not know if it's because of age/brand or whatever because I didn't put them in. All I know is I need better light.
I've been running my brights all the time and I've never been flashed or honked at for it (which is a regular occurrence around here if someone's headlights are 'too' bright). I'd like having a whiter light without breaking the bank, but I also really don't like the longevity advertised for the Silverstars...

Should I bother with the 'specialty' bulbs like above or just go with something stock-ish?
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I've used the (b) option. Better then stock on the Dakota, but not a crazy difference.
Worth the $? Sure, it was a improvement adding to the ditch and on high beam output. However I agree that if your looking for a +30% you need to consider other options.

Furthermore, if your not getting checked on high-beam; adjust the assemblies up. I think half your issue or more is in the headlight adjustments.
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