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alright. I have a 06 ram, 5.7 4x4. anyway. when I start my truck after its been shut of for like 3 minutes-to a week later, the oil pressure reads real high. past the middle mark to like almost to the end of the "normal spectrum" I guess you could call it. and it stays like that almost even at operating temperature. now when its fully warmed up and been running for a while, the gauge will read right on the middle mark. and if in drive it will drop a little left of the middle mark, where I think it should be showing me when just idling in park. and when I give it gas it just goes back to right between middle and the end mark before the HIGH reading. the reason I think this is wrong is cause I see most dodge trucks oil pressure lower at idle when fully warmed up. there could be a problem... I dont know. I cant change the oil cause I dont want to spend the money on it and I dont know how, and I cant really take it to the family dealership. I have NO history on the truck what so ever, no maintenance records, no service records, no repair records, hell I dont even have the booklet for the truck.

so what do you think it is

or is it just me
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