High rpm over heat...please help!!!

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Radiator is new, fan clutch is new. T-stat and water pump was replaced last year.

I can cruise all day long, or sit at idle....but once I get on it and punch it to 85+ the temp needle will past normal and keep climbing until I slow down!

The radiator was replaced last weekend along with a system flush...

Do you think the T-stat isn't opening up all the way? Some guys on here say go with a 180 stat...Oreily's only have a 195 degree stat.
Where is a good place to get one??....

Hoses have good structure, no swelling, no splits! Open flow!
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Head gasket was my first thought as well. As for the t-stat put in there what's supposed to be in there. Your engine will love you for it.

If you have a bug screen in front of the rad (not the grill) take it off as it can restrict a lot air.

Also, just because a hose looks ok on the outside doesn't mean it's ok on the inside. If they've never been changed now might be the time to take them off and check them.
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