Highway mileage is dreadful!

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My Ram is new, about 1,200 miles and today I did the first real hwy trip. I filled it at 7-11 with 87 octane and got on the highway. I drove 175 miles, all interstate at about 75 mph, a little less for a while and little more for a while, never over 80 mph. We got to our destination, did about 5 miles in town and headed back home. About 30 miles from home, the gas light comes on. I found a station and fill it up. 23.62 gallons and 335.5 miles equals 14.2 mpg! My window sticker says 19! How could it be so bad? I should claim fraud by Dodge!
I used cruise control almost exclusively, never flooring it. No A/C on. WTF?
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Eco ??? Really ??? Go talk to my next door neighbor (actually three houses down) he was all this that and the other about his ECO then his wife gets talking to my wife.. they got 15.6 on a trip to Cleveland.. ECO really ??? Really ??? Run mid grade 89.. run 70 not 75.. use your cc.. Mine 11 has not 5k yet I got 16.9 on a trip to Atlanta I live in WV you go up hills both ways...
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