Highway mileage is dreadful!

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My Ram is new, about 1,200 miles and today I did the first real hwy trip. I filled it at 7-11 with 87 octane and got on the highway. I drove 175 miles, all interstate at about 75 mph, a little less for a while and little more for a while, never over 80 mph. We got to our destination, did about 5 miles in town and headed back home. About 30 miles from home, the gas light comes on. I found a station and fill it up. 23.62 gallons and 335.5 miles equals 14.2 mpg! My window sticker says 19! How could it be so bad? I should claim fraud by Dodge!
I used cruise control almost exclusively, never flooring it. No A/C on. WTF?
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I've got a '12 Express that had almost exactly the same mileage as yours before a 600+ mile trip last weekend. Mine is 2WD with 3:55 gears. I drove 73 mph on the 70 mph sections and only slowed to 65 and 70 in 2 or 3 places...mostly interstate with a few backcountry roads. I got 19.5 mpg and was quite happy with that. I'm running the stock 20's, and the only mods are a Borla 19" a Magnaflow...and a DIY dual inlet airbox w/K&N filter. I used 86 octane winter blend fuel for the whole trip. I don't have EVIC and mileage was calculated the old fashioned way.

I know just having 4WD will affect mileage to some degree, but 5 mpg does sound a bit much. I see many folks on the site mention that the more you go over 70 mph, the worse the mileage gets. Maybe things go to pot at 75 and above.
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